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Our labyrinth is open for walking from sunrise to sunset daily.

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labyrinth Glenwood SpringsOur Labyrinth was completed on the Gurupurnima – Full Moon July 22, 2013

Labyrinths have been built for over 4,000 years. They became popular during the Crusades of the medieval times as it was dangerous for pilgrims to travel long distances to visit holy places. For this reason churches built labyrinths for people to experience the magic and the peace of a divine pilgrimage without actually going anywhere. Many devout pilgrims would approach a labyrinth and follow the path on their knees in recognition of being humble before the Lord and in recognition of being in a sacred space. Modern day labyrinths provide a similar opportunity – a place of calm, peace and healing – a respite from our busy lives.

When you meet a labyrinth there are two ways to approach it.
You can view the labyrinth as a tourist enjoying its symmetry and beauty - or
You can enter the labyrinth like a pilgrim with an open heart.


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There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. (I like to walk it with my shoes off, slowly and in silence.) Since this is a meditative experience – it is good to walk the path at your own natural pace, keeping the eyes soft and listening to the sound of your breath. This will help release any tension you may be carrying and keep you in the present moment so you can be open to whatever experience comes for you. Surrender as you enter the labyrinth and simply enjoy the walk. Each time will be a new experience, perhaps feelings of unexpected joy will emerge or perhaps tears and sorrow could bubble to the surface.

You cannot get lost in a labyrinth as it is not a maze but rather a single path, like life, with unexpected twists and turns leading from the beginning, to the center and then back again. As you follow the path it leads to the innermost center of the labyrinth and perhaps also of yourself. As you walk, turning right and left - again and again – you become more peaceful as the movement quiets the mental chatter while soothing and opening the heart. We seldom take time to experience the beauty and mystery of the present moment - walking the labyrinth provides this opportunity. As we walk the path it can cleanse, integrate and empower us.

When you enter a labyrinth you can ask a question, offer a blessing, repeat a prayer or mantra or have no agenda at all. As you reach the center of the labyrinth seek your Divine Self, rest in your heart and reflect on your own life’s path.

Center of LabyrinthAt the center you may want to face and contemplate the four directions – representing the cycles of life and the energies of the cosmos: East for Springtime, Birth and Air * South for Summer, Growth and Water * West for Autumn, Harvest and Fire * North for Winter, Rest and Earth.

Once you feel ready to leave the labyrinth simply walk back on the same path – returning to the beginning. As you return from the center you may find a lifting of your cares, have an “ah-ha” moment or perhaps feel nothing special at all. However, everyone who walks the labyrinth will experience something of its solitude, peace and beauty. Give it a try!

We invite you to sign the labyrinth Guest Book upon completion of your walk.

We had 156 people walk the labyrinth in its first year.
Peace & Many Blessings from the Best Kept Secret B & B


Sacred Geometry

This 6-Circuit Labyrinth includes many aspects of sacred geometry. It is patterned after a common medieval labyrinth design.

You will walk 6-circuits - the number 6 represents the merger of heaven and earth - like the Star of David with two triangles - six points - one triangle pointing to the Heavenly Father (Sky) and the other to the Divine Mother (Earth).

The labyrinth has 4-quardrants for the four seasons.

As you walk toward the center of the labyrinth you will make 12 right turns representing completion. Note that there are: twelve signs in the zodiac, twelve disciples, twelve tribes, twelve months in the year.

You will make 13 u-turns for new beginnings and transformation.

There are 14 left turns for temperance, and balance of passion and reason.

In the center you will be surrounded by 7 squares (not counting the entrance square) these can represent the seven chakras and the seven days of the week.

Often in the center of a labyrinth there is a lotus flower which is an Eastern symbol for enlightenment. Sometimes there is a rose with six petals for the Holy Spirit and the six days of creation.

As you walk the labyrinth you are spiraling inward toward the center - creating a vortex effect. As you reach the center dualism dissolves (yin/yang; heaven/earth; death/rebirth; faith/doubt) and there is a clear channel for intuition to be heard and for merging with the Divine.

As you reach the Center of the Labyrinth….
Enter the innermost Cave of your Heart and
Listen for the message that is waiting - just for you.

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